Hate Crimes and Inequality

How’d we get here?

Hate crimes cover 6 main categories — (1) Religion, (2) gender, (3) gender identity, (4) disability, (5) sexual orientation, and (6) a catch-all category called ‘race/ethnicity/ancestry’.

What is a hate crime?

Although LA’s hate crimes are remarkably high, at least we have data here. One of the biggest challenges of analyzing this problem is hate crimes often go unreported.

Proving a crime was in fact motivated by hate can be incredibly difficult. Source — Bureau of Justice Statistics
Reverend Rodney Norsworthy stands at the grave of James Byrd who was murdered by 3 White supremacists in 1998 in Jasper, Texas. The state has some of the lowest hate crime reporting in the country.

The Path Forward

Pass state legislation to require hate crime reportingOnly 18 states do not have a legal requirements to report hate crime data to the FBI. As such, data collection is voluntary here. The Department of Justice currently relies on reports from 15,138 state and local agencies to report hate crimes, but much of this is voluntary. Wyoming, Arkansas, and South Carolina don’t even have any local laws explaining what hate crimes are and are-not.

Gary Bravo, still with visible injuries, testifies that his assault was a hate crime. The police have still not labeled it as such — Source: WAFF



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Jeremy Ney

Jeremy Ney

Google, MIT, Harvard, UPenn, Federal Reserve, now writing about inequality at AmericanInequality.substack.com