Single Parent Homes and Inequality

The US has the highest share of single-parent homes of any country in the world. Children in these homes face greater obstacles

“I think that my half of the political spectrum — the left half — too often dismisses the importance of family structure. Partly out of a worthy desire to celebrate the heroism of single parents, progressives too often downplay family structure. Social science is usually messy, with correlation and causation difficult to separate. But the evidence, when viewed objectively, points strongly to the value of two-parent households.”

More single-parent homes than ever before

Bad luck and bad systems

Impact on children

Children in two-parent households have more opportunity

“Marriage is the foundation of a successful society; Marriage is an essential institution of a successful society which promotes the interests of children. Promotion of responsible fatherhood and motherhood is integral to successful child rearing and the well-being of children.”

The Path Forward



Google, MIT, Harvard, UPenn, Federal Reserve, now writing about inequality at

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